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Script Submission

Cavalier Films is seeking smart, original screenplays, which can be produced for under $1M. CF is not exclusive to any genre (for who can predict the home of greatness?) but dramas with a comedic element are well received. Our main focus is making quality, commercially viable films with at least one known actor or actress on a limited budget. In order to accomplish this feat submitted scripts should be character-driven with roles that will attract recognizable talent.

Stories should have a clear and meaningful arc and leave the audience somehow better for watching the film. Unfortunately CF does not have the time or resources to develop stories thus we can only accept submissions of completed screenplays.

Material Submission Procedures and Policy

Although it is often the policy of the film production industry to only accept materials for consideration from known agencies, CF holds the belief that fresh and interesting materials are likely to exist outside of such relationships and that writers without representation deserve an opportunity to have their creations considered. As such CF will welcome direct submissions but only upon receipt of a properly executed and submitted Script Submission Statement of Understanding and Release (SSUR) form.

The release form must be submitted to Cavalier Films in an envelope separate from materials submitted for evaluation. Materials to be reviewed and the SSUR can be separately mailed or the SSUR can be contained in a separate envelope affixed to the outside of a larger envelope containing the submitted materials. If mailed separately, return addresses should match and title or other identifying information of the materials must be present on the outside of the envelope containing the materials to allow for proper pairing. Materials submitted without a release form in hand at the time of their arrival may be destroyed unopened.


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