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The Cavalier Film Funds

A Film Investment Opportunity

Not an Offer of Sale

Cavalier Films, Inc. (the "Production Company") is engaged in the development, production, and financing of motion picture films intended for theatrical release. The Production Company's goal is to produce story-driven and thought-provoking feature films with mainstream appeal on a low-budget. The Company intends to produce and finance feature films with limited and controlled budgets, and considers investment in films principally produced by others.

Conservative business practices governed by management seasoned by tight margin industry will approach the film market with a business plan intent on producing quality fare worthy of predictable, business-like return on investments, while positioning for the real possibility of windfall results.

Management Team
Barry R. Sisson and Marc Lieberman ( together "Managers") bring to the Production Company successful entrepreneurial, conservative business, and filmmaking experience complementing a strong understanding of the process necessary to package, physically produce, market and sell feature films.
Mr. Sisson and Mr. Lieberman are investors as well as managers.

Management Team Relevant (Film) History
Mr. Sisson co-financed and worked with the production of a 2003 Sundance award-winning feature film, "The Station Agent" (TSA). TSA was produced for under $1,000,000 and sold to Miramax for theatrical release. TSA was met with wide critical acclaim upon its release. The film was loved by audiences all over the world and is now available from all major sources for purchase or rental on DVD.

As part of the process of developing and testing the Cavalier Films business plan, the Managers worked together to produce a low-budget digital feature film, "Charlie's Party" (CP). CP is an offbeat comedy driven by its appealing subject matter and character development, and the comedic tension it creates. The film was completed on time and on budget for approximately $200k and is now in digital release, (download and DVD).

The first film to be produced under the Cavalier Films Banner, “Familiar Strangers”, was filmed in Staunton, Virginia in the fall of 2006. This film stars Shawn Hatosy, DJ Qualls, Nikki Reed, Cameron Richardson, Tom Bower and Ann Dowd among others and dealt with the changing dynamic in a typical family where children have grown and relationships evolved from sibling and parent child to caring and close adult friendships. “Familiar Strangers” was also completed on time and on budget and is now represented by CAA in the pursuit of it place in the channels of distribution.

Because of their experience with these films and their previous successes in the entertainment and business worlds, the Managers are confident in their ability to create moving, intelligent films using good business practices, which fill the niche market of art house cinema that the Hollywood Studio System typically acquires from outsiders.

The Independent Film Industry
The astonishing success of such low-budget films as "The Blair Witch Project" and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", $141 million and $241 million in domestic box office respectively, signaled a new day for independent films. These films (followed by other independent film successes - Napoleon Dynamite, Little Miss Sunshine, Garden State, Babel, and Crash among others) began and accelerated the process of revolutionizing how studios and distributors look at the production and marketing of films.

Today, the major Hollywood studios spend more and more of their resources on the star vehicle, predictable plot, car chase, blow 'em up, often "mindless" entertainment, leaving the more challenging, intelligent fare to be produced by independents. This allows them to choose from the finished products that, by viewing a reality rather than a "pitched idea", can provide them a more predictable return on their "intelligent market fare".

This strategy makes perfect sense and is good business for them, while providing an opportunity for independent producers capable of producing quality work.

Independent films can vary widely in budget, from as low as $30,000 up to multi-million dollar efforts, but their similarity lies in the freedom from the homogeneity of studio production. By definition, an independent film is one that is financed by any source other than a U.S. studio. With their ability to take more time and their need to plan budgets more carefully than studios tend to do for their big-budget films, smaller companies are able to give greater attention to crafting and producing their lower-budgeted, intelligent dramas and comedies. Unlike the Hollywood studios, the independent production companies are able to avoid substantial overhead.

Investment Opportunity
The Managers are seeking equity investment totaling approximately tow million dollars to be applied toward the intended production feature films with possible investment in films produced by others. Shares shall be valued at $100,000. Full, half, and one quarter shares will be available to select subscribers. Investments shall be made to a Cavalier Film Fund, the sole funding source for Cavalier Films, Inc.

Non-Financial Benefits for Investors
Although this opportunity is established with the intent to provide the potential for worthwhile financial return to investors with no interest in films or the film industry, for those with such interests it is the intent of the managers to provide the opportunity to experience the creativity and pride inherent in the production of feature films in many of its various aspects.

Financial Return on Investment
All proceeds received will be fully credited to investors until the entire initial investment in the project resulting in the income, plus a preferred return of up to 20% (for full share participants) is received by the investors. After the investors have received their preferred returns, additional income will be allocated 50% to investors and 50% to Cavalier Films, Inc.

This overview provides for an investment opportunity that will not be suitable for nor available to all interested parties.

This is an overview and does not contain all relevant information. It is not an offer to sell shares in this investment nor does it in any way convey any rights of purchase or other. Offering documentation will be made available to interested and qualified investors.

If you would like to express an interest or seek additional information regarding this film related investment opportunity, please contact us.

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