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Barry Sisson
Barry R. Sisson
Cavalier Films

Barry R. Sisson started his professional career in the electronic security business in 1975 with the founding of Sisson Security Service in Washington, DC. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, the company became known as Night Owl Security Inc. along the way to becoming the 35th largest electronic security firm in the US.

In 1993, Mr. Sisson’s company was sold to Vector Security Inc. a subsidiary of The Philadelphia Contributionship. In the succeeding seven years, Mr. Sisson held several executive management positions within the acquiring firm and helped to lead the company to a size of over four hundred employees, over forty million in revenues, and a ranking of number six in the industry. Mr. Sisson retired from his position as Executive Vice President in the year 1999.

During his time in the security industry, Mr. Sisson participated in the engineering and consolidation of over 35 acquisitions within the industry, ultimately helping to craft what remains today as one of the most conservatively managed and profitable security firms in America.

Since retirement, Mr. Sisson has applied his conservative business principles within the industry of independently produced film. His stated goals of bringing sound business expertise to the benefit of worthwhile and commercially viable art came to fruition with the notable success of the first project with which he was involved. “The Station Agent” a film by Tom McCarthy produced by SenArt Films, was accepted to the prestigious Sundance film festival where it won the coveted audience award and was sold to Miramax films. “The Station Agent” enjoyed wide theatrical release in the fall of 2003.

Mr. Sisson’s second film venture, a low budget digital feature named "Charlie’s Party", was filmed in the summer of 2003. The film was shot on budget and on schedule and served as a testing ground for ideas and concepts that would be incorporated into the business plan that would become Cavalier Films. Mr. Sisson is credited as Executive Producer of this film and in keeping with his "hands on” philosophy, also served as Second Assistant Director during the principle photography phase.

In 2005, Mr. Sisson teamed with Mr. Marc Lieberman to create and launch Cavalier Films, a unique film production company focused on conservative participation in the independent film industry.  Cavalier Films works in conjunction with their associated Cavalier Films Funds to produce meaningful, reasonably budgeted feature films, the first of which was “Familiar Strangers” which completed principle photography in the fall of 2006.  Uniquely, the combination of Cavalier Films and the associated funds provide a means for interested parties to partner and participate in the creation of their associated films, while spreading business risk over multiple projects, much as studios do in Hollywood. 

Mr. Sisson has been quoted as saying, “I consider everything else that I have done in my life to have been preparation for my career in film. To my mind there is no more powerful and important form of art, a truth proven by the wide reach and commercial viability of the medium.”

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